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Emma and Johnny in NYC

Emma and Johnny in NYC

Emma and Johnny in Brooklyn

Emma and Johnny in Brooklyn

Emma Watson was in Venice last week

Emma Watson was in Venice last week

Emma Watson’s Romantic Shopping Spree in Paris

What’s the international sign for a man in love?

Joining a woman shopping.

Such was the scene in Paris on Tuesday when Emma Watson, 21, brought her beau Johnny Simmons, 24, to the City of Light for the week (where the couple also took walks and visited a museum) and he happily joined her as she indulged some retail therapy.

"They seem very in love, very cute," said an employee at the Maje boutique on rue Saintonge, where the couple spent more than 90 minutes together, kissing often as Watson modeled wares for Simmons.

"She did her own shopping – she knows what she likes," adds the employee. "She picked out outfits and he made some suggestions, picking out items which she tried on in the dressing cabin, then coming to model for him."

The Harry Potter star’s haul included:

• One T-shirt emblazoned with a neon pink-toothed tiger
• One neon pink belt (Simmons’s pick, to go with the t-shirt)
• Three scarves: one gray, one beige and one black-and-white checkered
• One black wool knee-length coat with leather sleeves
• One gray wool sweater with white collar
• Black leather booties
• One gray metallic wool sweater
• One checkered sweater
• Black sandals
• One pair skinny jeans
• Assorted dresses

Total cost: 2200 Euros, or approximately $3,200. Helpful boyfriend who tags along: Priceless.

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Emma and Johnny in Paris

A man was hired to take care of Emma and Johnny for a day in Paris (showing them the city, driving them where they wanted…). And at a moment they wanted to put a padlock on the Ponts des Arts (it’s a tradition of lovers who lock a padlock to the bridge for their love to last). Problem: they didn’t have a padlock and it was late so the driver decided to drive them to Monoprix (cheap shop) and proposed them to go buy them himself a padlock so they wouldn’t be bothered. But they say they would go too. So they went, apparently the reaction of people inside the shop was fun, Emma took pictures of a couple of clothes she found nice and they bought the padlock.

Thanks Eden from Watsonuncensored for the translation!!

Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons at King’s Cross Station

Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons at King’s Cross Station